Do you like the game of darts? Then you should definitely play GG bet darts game at GGbet online casino Darts Betting. Here you can virtually throw darts, hitting the target and getting a nice payout for it. However, this is not a test of accuracy for you. But of luck, since you don’t have to aim, and the darts will hit the target randomly.

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History of the game of darts

All results are predetermined by a random number generator. GGbet live dart – is an online broadcast of exciting matches. The game of darts originated centuries ago in what is now England. According to one version, it originated during military campaigns. When soldiers threw short arrows at the bottom of wine barrels while resting. The dry wood gave rise to cracks that created sectors. And the kind of target marking we see today was created by the Lancashire carpenter Hamlin in the late 19th century. There are special rooms, clubs, like for bowling, where amateurs gather to throw darts, which are especially common in Western Europe.

The presented game is not darts in the usual sense of the word. Since the outcome of the throw does not depend on the player. Rather, it resembles a game of roulette, where you bet on which square a dart will land randomly. There are many betting variants, so we recommend getting acquainted with it in demo mode before playing for money in one of the paid rooms shown in the table above.

GG bet dart game: rules for playing darts online with payout

The Darts game shield is divided into 20 sectors. Most of the sector is white or black and is called a single ring. The outer edge of a sector colored green or red is called a doubling or double ring. And the part of a sector of the same color that divides it into two parts is called a triple or triple ring.

A virtual player throws three darts, your task is to guess where they will arrive. If you are lucky you win according to the odds listed in the odds table. You can also bet on the number of points that all three darts will indicate and the combinations in which they will fall.

If you win the Darts Bet, you will be offered a risk game. In which a dart board will appear in front of you, in which the sectors are divided in a different way. Red sectors will keep your winnings the same (x1) or double it (x2). Black sectors will halve it (halving) or lose it (losing), and hitting the jackpot will triple your winnings.

To start playing darts for fun or money

To start the game, choose a token of the appropriate face value and place it on the selected sector. Bets on combinations place the chips on the “Dart combinations” betting field. Where 0, 1x, 2x, 3x indicate the number of darts you think will fall into the sector. To bet on the number of darts. Set your chips on the “total score” betting field.

After setting the chips, press the green “Bet” button to start the game. Clicking on “Turbo Bet” will speed up the game. “Repeat Bet” will set the chips in the same order as in the previous round. “Auto Bet” will start an automatic game with the parameters you set.

Playing the Darts arcade game is great fun. Even with conditional chips. But of course the excitement of the game is much greater when you choose to play for real money in one of the casino rooms. You can find reviews and opinions about these halls in a special section. We wish you good luck and have a great time!

GGbet Darts betting and payout

Before you take your shots, we ask you to place your bets. To do so, use the up and down arrows to scroll through all the denominations and choose the risk that suits you, from 0.10 to 10 coins.

Once you’ve decided on a stake, you can click on the center green arrow. Which allows you to take a spin –

triggering three darts. Your payout will be based on the total number of points you accumulate:


You will hit the jackpot if you score 180 points.

How do you calculate your points? On the dial you see numbers from 1 to 20. Which are arranged in a chaotic order. These are the points you get when the dart hits the right sector.

Darts betting game interface

The target is placed on a bright red background. And a large green button will catch your eye, making it easy to start the game. The following fields are available to help you:

Totals is a table with 10 rows, where the results of the spins will be entered. I.e. the score and the payout percentage by which the bet was multiplied;

Three fields with darts under the dial – after the rolls, the scores will be entered here. This will allow you to see how many points each of the three darts will bring you;

Total – the field with the total score. Which is obtained by adding up the points for all three throws;

Winnings – a field with the total of your winnings. Which is obtained by multiplying all three tosses. It is obtained by multiplying the bet and the prize factor.

It is worth noting that you can turn the sound on/off or change the volume. Turn the game on high or low. Just open the “Settings” tab that pops up. To find out more information, open the rules – “Info”.

Results dart players have the opportunity to make good money if they are lucky. Either way, this gambling game is great fun. That said, GGbet dart broadcasting is a highly entertaining competition. Players can experience the same thrills of a classic casino from the comfort of their own home.

To bet on darts, you can use a personal account or a bonus offer. A demo is also available for newcomers. In addition to the experience gained. Knowledge of the game’s strategy should also be added. Which will allow you to win much more often. On the GGbet website. The rules of darts are available to every player.